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Adoption or termination of svnutils on tigris.org

Author sunny256
Full name Øyvind A. Holm
Date 2017-08-19 14:15:35 PDT
Message As there hasn't been any traffic on this list for seven years or so and
lately some Russian spammers have found the mail address which results
in some annoying moderation mails, I'm thinking of terminating the list.
But not until I've asked if someone on the list will adopt the ownership
on tigris.org. The code has never been properly stored on tigris.org
because they at the time only supported CVS, only the mailing list
functionality has been used. The code is still available from


A copy of the original svn sources is available on
<https://app.assembla​.com/spaces/svnutils​/subversion/source​>, but this
repo is obsolete. Assembla was the only "free" svn hosting I found at
the time, and they only allow one free repo.

If I don't get any answers after a week or so, I'll just delete the
project from tigris.org and say thanks for the ride.

svnutils project owner

N 60.376° E 5.3334°
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Adoption or termination of svnutils on tigris.org sunny256 Øyvind A. Holm 2017-08-19 14:15:35 PDT
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