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CVS update: /svnutils/trunk/, /svnutils/trunk/src/

Author sunny256
Full name Øyvind A. Holm
Date 2007-02-19 03:03:30 PST
Message User: sunny256
Date: 2007-02-19 03:03:30-0800


 r171 | sunny | 2007-02-14 21:16:00 +0100 (Wed, 14 Feb 2007) | 9 lines
 Added the mergesvn script.
 * /trunk/src/mergesvn
   New script, copied from
   http://svn.sunbase.o​rg/repos/utils/trunk​/mergesvn r2016.
 * /trunk/CONTENTS
   Added info about the script.

File Changes:

Directory: /svnutils/trunk/

File [changed]: CONTENTS
Url: http://svnutils.tigr​is.org/source/browse​/svnutils/trunk/CONT​ENTS?r1=1.11&r2=​1.12
Delta lines: +7 -1
--- CONTENTS 2005-03-04 00:56:29-0800 1.11
+++ CONTENTS 2007-02-19 03:03:28-0800 1.12
@@ -18,6 +18,12 @@
     Strips the dollars and keyword name directly from text files.
     Designed for use when releasing files and the keywords should not be
     changed by other programs.
+ - mergesvn
+ Merge changes between files or directories and store the point of
+ the last merge in a special "mergesvn" property. A master location
+ (file or directory) is defined, and other elements in the same or
+ another repository can be updated along with the development in the
+ master element.
   - nosvn
     The tiniest script of them all, but also quite useful in pipes and
     shell commands. Filters out .svn directories from a stream of file
@@ -67,5 +73,5 @@
       backup program, but let’s first see if there are any other wheels
       around that’s already invented.
-$Id: CONTENTS 100 2005-03-04 08:36:53Z sunny256 $
+$Id: CONTENTS 171 2007-02-14 20:16:00Z sunny $
 vim: set tw=72 ts=2 sw=2 sts=2 et fo+=w fenc=UTF-8 :

Directory: /svnutils/trunk/src/

File [added]: mergesvn
Url: http://svnutils.tigr​is.org/source/browse​/svnutils/trunk/src/​mergesvn?rev=1.1​&content-type=text/v​nd.viewcvs-markup
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