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windows SvnHotCopy.wsf script - fixes

Author Damon Overboe <damon dot overboe at gmail dot com>
Full name Damon Overboe <damon dot overboe at gmail dot com>
Date 2008-02-28 14:14:42 PST
Message I'm referring to -r208 of the SvnHotCopy.wsf script, there are a couple
items that need to be addressed.

The actual location as of 2/28/2008, -r208 is:

I recently installed svn on a third machine and encountered the same errors.
I had to go back to one of my other machines to see how I fixed it. I have
only tested this against WinXP SP2.

This one is inside the function *GetLastRevision(dir)* This solution is
posted on the web by someone else, and seems to be a problem to most/all

                // DTO: Windows error fix, replacing:
                // latestRev += oExec.StdOut.Read(1);
                // replaced with:
* latestRev += oExec.StdOut.Readline();*

This is inside the function *DeleteOldBackups(di​r,latestRev,toKeep) *I'm
not sure if anyone else has encountered this, but I encountered an error on
three different WinXP SP2 boxes using the script:

            if(verbose) WScript.Echo("Deleting: "+dir+"\\"+i);
            // DTO: modifying this; adding second param "true" tells fso to
force deletion of readonly files
            // fso.DeleteFolder(dir+"\\"+i);
* fso.DeleteFolder(dir+"\\"+i, true);*

Thank you!
Damon Overboe

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windows SvnHotCopy.wsf script - fixes Damon Overboe <damon dot overboe at gmail dot com> Damon Overboe <damon dot overboe at gmail dot com> 2008-02-28 14:14:42 PST
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